Yocan Rega

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The Rega is a new atomizer battery mod that packs a ton of features into its beautiful compact design. It is a stealth vape with a small and light size.

This mod from Yocan can safely and securely fit with most 510 threaded oil atomizers measuring anywhere within the range of 9-11.5mm diamter, eliminating the need to hold onto multiple mods.

The innovative preheat function allows you to prepare your material before use, delivering you smooth and flavorful vapor. Just click the power button twice to heat up your material for 10 seconds; the preheat function will turn off automatically once it's done. To deactivate preheating, simply press the power button 2 times again.

The Rega features the functional adjustable voltage with three different power levels. This provides you with the option to set your deice to the perfect setting, ensuring the best vaping experience based on your needs. To adjust the voltage level after the device is switched on, press the power button 3 times rapidly.

Low - White Light

Medium - Blue Light

High - Green Light

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