VGOD Apple Bomb 60 mL

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VGOD APPLE BOMB EJUICE Strolling along green grassy rolling hills overlooking the coast, you come upon a lone tree and find solace in its«__«¢«___«_«__«__«¢ shade. It is a perfect time for a refreshingly juicy and crisp Granny Apple, so you reach inside your pack to find your mod. You take a rip of Apple Bomb and it instantly detonates notes of a mesmerizing juicy apple at the fore of the hit. Throughout the pull you taste a momentary rich sour tartness that bursts through to a captivating savorous candied apple sweetness on the exhale. After a few hits of Apple Bomb you«__«¢«___«_«__«__«¢re erupting with energy and ready to blaze your trail once again!

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