Sniper Gang Smokers Bundle Box

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Sniper Gang has over 10,000,000 followers on social media with millions of website views annually.
Our fan base is loyal and dedicated. Stores who buy from us will be promoted by us on our massive
platform. Stores who over preform will receive special attention like celebrity appearances,
giveaways, photo/video shoots at your store, putting extra attention on your business.
The first exclusive product we would like to offer retailers is a bundle box complete with an acrylic
rolling tray, 4 piece grinder with custom blades, Sniper Gang organic king size papers, and lighter slip
with lighter. Limited 500 boxes!
Store exclusive products are distributed through Infinity Wholesale Group

Bundle Specs
Acrylic Rolling Tray: 7” x 9.5”
4 Piece Grinder: 63MM, Custom 16 blade build.
Lighter Slip: Pleather lighter slip with large lighter.
Rolling Papers: King Size, Organic rolling papers, no chalk, GMO free.

Extra Information